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Long live the Queen!

► poncho ► men’s shirt ► women’s shirt ► men’s sweatshirt ► women’s sweatshirt Five years after the death of the last bee, our planet will die. You probably know this famous Alebert Einstein´s quote. Social media often report on how we humans have been harming bees in recent years. According to experts, we do […]

Looking for a suitable cap? Flexfit, Snapback, Fullcap, Trucker

Looking for a cure for baldness to solve a high forehead or bad hairstyle? It’s so simple, just choose the right cap and the problem is largely solved 🙂 Now seriously, the cap is not just a blanket, it is a trendy piece that will give your outfit the right expression. If you are looking […]


Dodacia lehota do 3-7 pracovných dní. Pri objednávke nad 50€ doprava GRÁTIS. Výdajne miesta po celej SR.


Jednoduchá výmena tovaru zdarma cez Zásielkovňu (druhý krát poštovné neplatíš).


Berieme platby bankovým prevodom aj dobierkou.