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Long live the Queen!

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Five years after the death of the last bee, our planet will die. You probably know this famous Alebert Einstein´s quote. Social media often report on how we humans have been harming bees in recent years. According to experts, we do not have much time to reverse this very frightning situation.

Did you know that honey bee has a critical role in the cycle of natural life? It is the most important pollinator of cultural but also wild plants. Without pollination, about 20,000 plant species would have trouble reproducing and continuing to exist. This would change the natural conditions so that the existence of humanity could be seriously threatened!

Bees pollinate up to 86% of plant species on Earth. In Europe, this represents around 76% of total food production.

Since 2013, bee populations in some parts of the world have decreased by up to one third! We can blame many factors for this, ranging from the spread of the varroa mite to climate change, as well as growing popularity in perfectly trimmed lawns. Bees lack the variety of food. Our fields are full of monoculture crops that are chemically treated. Insecticides are very dangerous for bees.

Sprays, which are therefore harmful to crop pests, are harmful to bees, unfortunately. In Slovakia we have a flood of oilseed rape this year. To protect it, farmers also use chemical sprays, which harm the unwilling pests, but also kill the bees.

According to researchers, bee population in Australia is resilient to these changes, but in Europe, Asia, North America and even New Zealand, unfortunately, this is a completely different story!

The solution must come very quickly because we are in real danger of having to pollute the apricot tree´s flowers if we ever want to taste local apricot in our mouths! Just as in southwestern China, in Sichuan province, where trees are pollinated by people. Due to the excessive use of aggressive chemical sprays, but also because of the lack of shelters where bees could stay and nest, they lost the entire population of bees.

Fruit growers in this part of the country use fine brushes on long mallets to carry purchased pollen from other parts of China. According to researchers, however, such manual pollination is far from being as effective as when bees cover it.

If you find a tired bee in your home, the simple way to put it back on its feet is to lay a tablespoon of sugar and water in front of it.

It was the idea of saving bees that inspired us to create a T-shirt with an unusual bee design by the talented Slovak painter Natália Bodišová. If you are one of those who would like to support a good idea, buy a shirt or hoodie with the artistic motive “Save the Bees”! For each T-shirt sold, 2 euros will go to the collection, the proceeds of which we donate to the project “City Bees”, which is dedicated to saving bees and realizing apiaries in our cities. So Long live the Queen!

Men’s Hoodie “SAVE BEES”

Women’s Hoodie “SAVE BEES”

Men’s T-Shirt “SAVE BEES”

Women’s T-Shirt “SAVE BEES”

Women’s poncho / hoodie “WE SAVE BEES”

Author of images: organization “Resin” project “City Bees”

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