8.1 Claims handling are governed by the warranty conditions of specific goods, the Commercial Code and the relevant establishment of the Commercial Code and special regulations.

8.2 The warranty period for all the goods offered in the seller’s internet shop is 12 months. A proof of purchase (attached invoice) is required to claim the claim.

8.3 The warranty does not apply to the normal wear and tear of the item (or parts thereof) caused by use.

8.4 Claimed goods are the buyer obliged to deliver on the claim clean, mechanically undamaged, with a copy of the invoice, delivery note. The buyer is obligated to send a description of the defect together with the goods.


8.5.1. As soon as possible, inform us by email or by phone about the product’s error.

8.5.2. Send product back to the seller’s address (Vladimír Nimohaj – Artside, Horná Trnovská 71, 010 01 Žilina).